An Overview

The purpose of these pages is to give a brief overview of the history of All Saints Church.   There is much of interest here to whet your appetite and we hope that you will feel encouraged to pay us a visit to look for yourself.   Bring your camera - we have no objection to photographs being taken (other than during services, of course).

If you would like a copy of our short, illustrated guide to this fascinating and beautiful building, these can be purchased at the church or posted to you for the cost of the guide (50p) plus postage.   There is also a more comprehensive history available at the bargain price of £5 plus postage.   These are usually printed to order.  

We hope you enjoy these pages.

A Guide to our Church
Webpage icon Edward Bright - the 'Fat Man of Maldon'
Webpage icon Edward Russell Horwood - Vicar for a record breaking 51 years
Webpage icon Our Church
Webpage icon Our Parish Logo - What can you see in it?
Webpage icon Past Vicars of All Saints
Webpage icon The Organ
Webpage icon The Parish
Webpage icon The Vicarage
Webpage icon The Washington Window - a beautiful gift from the U.S.A.
Webpage icon Thomas Cammock - a man with "a touch of swagger"