Past Vicars of All Saints

So often the question is asked, "What is the difference between a Rector and a Vicar?"   St. Mary's in Maldon has a Rector and so does St. Andrew's in nearby Heybridge, so why does All Saints have a Vicar?   As it is so often, the answer lies in history for in the present day there is no difference.   The Rector is the person who received all the endowments, tithes and gifts of a parish - it was truly a "living".   Some had more than one living, indeed some had many.   In order to maintain the services in the parishes providing the revenue, a priest was installed to act on behalf of the Rector.   The Latin word to describe such a person was a Vicarius - one who stands in place of - and that's just what the Vicar did.   At All Saints the Rector was the Abbot of Beeleigh Abbey for nearly 300 years and the canons came as Vicarius.   Details of Vicars of All Saints with St. Peter's as far as we know are shown below.   Inevitably there are gaps, uncertainties and, perhaps, some inaccuracies but such as we have may be of passing interest.   Prior to 1244 one name only has as yet been traced - that of Geoffrey, a Chaplain or Capellanus apparently of All Saints only, who seems to have been deputed by Beeleigh Abbey to conduct services in the church.

What is a Canon?
Many people ask why some parish priests are titled 'Canon'.   This title is still given in many dioceses to senior parish priests as a largely honorary one.   It is usually awarded in recognition of long and dedicated service to the diocese.   Canons receive no additional emolument and can have a role in the administration of the cathedral.

Past Vicars


Andrew de Feroby 1244 Marcus Wiersdale 1584
Ralph de Luffenham 1294 Rob Palmer 1587
Tho Nichole 1361 Rad Hawdon 1600
John Arrowsmith 1367 Israel Hewitt 1620
Will de Enderby 1369 Tho Horrocks 1650
John de Felmersham   Joh Head 1662
Richard Lovelick 1374 Joh Wigmore 1672
Robert Fyn   Joh Martin 1689
Alanus de Thame 1395 Samuel Palmer 1710
David Uske alias Fox 1398 Robert Symonds 1724
John Weston 1399 Thomas Knipe 1725
John Hamewode   William Benson 1749
Will Reder 1446 William Williams  
Nic Saxton 1458 Charles Matthew 1809
Tho Wellys 1461 James Williams 1844
Will Chaloner   John Laurence Prior 1846
John Ward 1482 Edward R. Horwood 1850
John Wode 1485 Alfred Wilson 1901
John Jackson   Leonard Hughes 1903
Will Walton 1524 Isaac Seymour 1917 
John Clerke 1541 John Lewis 1947
Will Dawes 1551 Derek Iorns 1953 
William Woodall 1561 Arthur Dunlop  1972 
Nic Johnson 1562 Peter Mason  1993 
Rob Williams 1566 David Atkins  2001 
Fab Withers 1575 Stephen Carter 2009 
Geo Gifford 1582    


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