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As a result of discussions on our respective PCCs, All Saints and St Mary's have agreed to run jointly a short course for enquirers wishing to explore the Christian faith. We are offering this to anyone in the town who feels they would wish to find out more about what Christians believe. "Explorers" is aimed primarily at those who are currently not members of a church; though it might also be suitable for those who have only recently started attending church.

We hope you will understand that it is not primarily aimed at those who are already committed Christians. Though there is a way you can help. If you feel that you have a member of the family or a friend who might be interested, please give them an invitation to attend. Invitations will be available at the back of the church for you to pick up from the beginning of July. The invitations are also going out to parents at All Saints and Wentworth Schools, as well as to parents of children in the uniformed groups. But perhaps the most effective invitation is when members of the congregation give a personal invitation to someone they know.

It will not be an "Alpha" course, that many of you will have heard of. But it will have a similar ethos. We will begin each week with a meal, there will then be a short talk, and then an opportunity for questions and discussion. We want to create a safe environment where people can honestly ask their questions or air their doubts, knowing that whatever they say will be taken seriously.

Most of us are shy of evangelism and talking about our faith. Here is one simple way you can help us. Try and think of someone you know who would like to explore the Christian faith. Take an invitation to them and encourage them to consider it.

This is the programme.

1. Monday 17th September at St Mary's. "Is there more to life than this?"

2. Monday 24th September at St Mary's "Who is Jesus"

3. Monday October 1st at All Saints "Why did Jesus die?"

4. Monday October 8th at All Saints "How and why do I read the Bible?"

5. Monday October 15th at All Saints "Why and how do I pray?"


Each session will begin with a hot meal at 7.00pm and finish by 9.00pm. Please keep this in your prayers.












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