News in brief

Flower Rota 

Each week members of the Flower Group and congregation provide the beautiful flowers in church.   This is done by arranging them or donating towards them, often for a special occasion.   We have spaces on the rota and invite anyone to help with this special act of worship.   Please contact Betty Smith for furthker information.   Thank you.

New printed guide

A new version of the guide to our church has been produced by John Clifford.   Based on the previous one, it has been completely updated with new pictures and a few pieces of information not hitherto included.   A snip at only 50p.


If you know of someone who ought to receive a card from the church family at All Saints to mark a special occasion (birthday, anniversary etc.) or to let them know we are thinking of them in a time of need, please contact Pam Graham on 01621 852794 who sends out cards on behalf of us all.

Soup Lunches

As well as our own at All Saints, soup lunches are being organised by Diana Rogers and will take place at Maldon's Little Ship Club on the first Tuesday of every month.   Each lunch will support a different charity and details will be shown on our calendar for your information.   A variety of soups will be available and these will be accompanied by rolls, tea and coffee.   Cakes will be available also.   Look at our calendar for details every month.   The lunches take place between noon and 2 p.m.   For further information or if you would like to volunteer to help, contact Diana on 01621 853841 or 07860 162328.

Parish Chat

If you have any news snippets/anniversaries/birthdays for the Parish Chat column in our monthly magazine, please contact Julie Ovenden on 858803, see her in church or email:

Stamps and Postcards

Two shoe boxes are provided at the back of the church for your used stamps and postcards.   These can be used to generate funds for the Leprosy Mission.   Your support would be appreciated.

Any Old Buttons?

The Tool Box Project, an initiative of our friends at Maldon Baptist Church are asking for any buttons you may wish to donate.   These will be sorted and packed into dress-making kits which are sent to Africa together with old sewing machines.   They can be taken to the church, which is in Butt Lane, on Thursdays from 10 am until 12 noon.   Contact Jo Stark on 01245 358951 if you want more information.

General Interest
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