The Lent Modules for 2018


LiveLent 2018 - Let your light shine

We’re delighted to be sharing news of the Church of England’s 2018 Lent campaign and resources for churches.

#LiveLent – Let your light shine is a Lent journey through the Gospel of John, offering a short daily reading, a pause for reflection and prayer and a challenge to act. We’re working closely with the Thy Kingdom Come team as part of this key moment in the Christian year. 

It is written in simple and accessible language by John Kiddle, Archdeacon of Wandsworth, and includes an introduction from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, who say:

“These Lent reflections take you on a journey through the Gospel of John and give you an opportunity to explore what the gift of Jesus and the challenge of Jesus mean for you, in the context of your daily life.

“God offers us life for the sake of others. The light he gives us in Jesus Christ is not to be hidden but to shine – it’s a gift to be lived and shared. Indeed, the more we share it and let it shine, the brighter it burns.”

A weekly five-session Lent course that can be run in conjunction or separately to the daily Let your light shine material will also be available as part a range of downloadable materials to support churches.

The aim in 2018 is to be as joined up as possible and encourage people to journey from Lent and Easter into Pentecost and Thy Kingdom Come.

The full range of #LiveLent resources and activities will include:

  • Full-colour printed book #LiveLent: Let Your Light Shine from Church House Publishing, which can be ordered here. They are available in bulk or as single copies
  • Daily reflections – a daily discipleship journey through Lent from the Gospel of John, and a weekly Lent course based on these themes
  • App for Android and iOS (available late January) including all daily reflections material
  • Social media graphics from the national Church of England accounts to share on TwitterFacebook and Instagram
  • E-mail and text signups – which proved very popular over Advent and Christmas for #GodWithUs
  • Additional downloadable resources, including the five group sessions based on the themes/synopsis of booklet. We also have logos and other resources available on our website.

Our prayer is that these resources help you and your church to walk the Lent journey and bring you closer to Jesus, who offers abundant life to all who journey with him.


Adrian Harris is Head of Digital Communications and Thomas Allain Chapman is Head of Publishing at the Church of England



The Lent Modules are a collection of education, training and skills events across

the Diocese during Lent each year.

A series of short courses running across the diocese between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Courses cost between £7.50 and £40 and themes include:

Enabling Evangelism; Histrory of the Reformation;The Gospel of Chrust and the expansion of Human Conciousness; Christ Pictured; Witnessing in the World of Work; Meeting with God; The Church, the Enlightenment and Revolution; Stress & Relaxation Living the Liturgy: Bible Society LYFE; Primed for Prayer; The nature and character of God - an exploration of the Trinity;Evangelism and the Third Age; Pilgramge - Yesteday and Today;Life Balance


For details about this years courses click  -  Lent Modules 2018


To download A4 poster click Lent 2018 Poster 

To download an application form click here

Or for paper copies of brochures, booking forms and advertising brochures please contact:

Diane Hardy. Diocesan Office, 53 New Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1AT. Tel: 01245 294449 email:

For more information please contact Diane Hardy





Below is a list of modules taken from the main list that are being run "locally"


Module Lent 2 People who met Jesus During this module you will reflect and discuss the social, cultural, faith issues surrounding the crucifixion at the time of Jesus and for 21st century believers. From the Last supper to the actual crucifixion various people interacted with Jesus including a temple guard, people in the crowd. We meet some of these people using monologues, meditation and open discussion. No experience required but come with an open mind. Please bring your own lunch.

Tutor: Mrs Maureen McPherson Tuesday 9.30am - 4.00pm

Library 20th March Diocesan Office Course fee £7.50   Chelmsford 



Module Lent 12 Stress and Relaxation Stress is in everybody’s life. It can be beneficial or destructive. As a group we look at how our body and mind reacts to stress and how we can de-stress. As a group we try various relaxation techniques and exercises with the aim of handling the stress in our lives better. No previous experience necessary but come with an open mind. Please bring your own lunch

Tutor: Mrs Maureen McPherson

Monday 9.30am - 4.00pm

Library March 12th Diocesan Office Course fee £7.50   Chelmsford 



Module Lent 14 Primed for Prayer St Paul tells us to pray constantly. That is easier said than done and not at all as easy as it sounds. The course will be experiential i.e. of a more practical nature, involving some prayer and aims at exploring, and recognising, what can trigger prayer in daily life. For example, 'looking' is not the same as 'seeing'. Previous courses from Linda on prayer have been about how to pray, and perhaps about what to pray. This one is almost all about motivation to pray. To prime something is to set it ready to work. Being primed for prayer could be useful.

Tutors: Canon Dr Linda Barnard

Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Diocesan Office March 17th Chelmsford Course fee £7.50 



Module Lent 16 The Gospel of Christ and the Expansion of Human Consciousness The New Testament seems to have arisen out of an unprecedented experience of human vitality among those who believed that they had encountered, submitted to, and were living in the power of, the crucified and risen Christ. While we encounter many examples of such vitality among modern Christians, it is far from the norm. Much modern Christianity is either dull and conformist, or makes a great play of a vitality which is in reality subject to some pretty rigid rules. In this course, we will use Scripture and theological reflection to seek to uncover this vitality, and try to be honest about our own personal experience, including where we have got stuck, to try to make the vitality more our own.'

Tutor: Revd Robert Wiggs & Tuesday evenings 7.30pm - 9.30pm Revd John Dickens & Mrs Adrienne Knight  -  February 27 & March 6,13,20,27

The Octagon Course fee £40 St Mary’s Church Maldon 






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