Shore Line 5




All Saints’ Church

Wednesday 21st March, 8.00pm  and Friday 23rd March, 8.00pm


Shoreline 5 is a modern Mystery Play, set in three alternate dimensions. The name represents an isolated island beach, the final ‘safe haven’ from radiation following an encroaching nuclear holocaust. This is where a small group of survivors find themselves, under the care of a guardian. The guardian has been placed there by God (‘Central Command’ of the spiritual dimension) to shepherd these rescued souls.

The opposing dimension to Shoreline 5 is that of the One World Government, the secular powers of destruction known as the Illuminati. They deliberately distort and manipulate dark energies (‘powers and principalities’) in order to provoke a final conflict which will bring about total annihilation. They even enlist a distorted presentation of the gospel to further their ends.

Most poignant of all are two central figures in the drama, Planet Earth (Gaia) and Josh (Jesus). Their stories link to our own feelings of helplessness about the inexorable forces in charge of our world, and which so often appear to gain the victory over us.

Members of our choir, as well as two narrators, provide commentary on the action as it unfolds. Although the subject-matter is chilling there is also a good deal of humour.

Many of our church family are involved in this unusual re-telling of the Easter Story. As it will be performed in Passion Week it provides a different opportunity to reflect on biblical material that we all know well and which is accepted as belonging to a predetermined time and place. Shoreline 5 however relocates that story and explores contemporary themes in a striking way.

Please come along; and do tell your friends about it. It will be very much part of our All Saints Easter Journey in 2018 – a journey I hope you will want to be part of.


Canon Graham, director. 





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