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We are painfully aware of Covid 19, of how it is affecting our lives and those of millions of others as well. It seemed for a short time after the lockdown was lifted that the disease was becoming more manageable. Schools, trains, buses, restaurants, shops, pubs, offices and factories were all able to open up in a limited way. When this happened a lot of ideas came from scientists, politicians and various others as to what could be done after the pandemic lessened. There was a sense in which Covid 19 had made us all think of our priorities and of how we could improve our lives. This would mean that there should be many acceptable changes possible. This made me feel that we should as a church be involved with any potentially important changes.

Sadly such speculation about change has lessened since there has been an increasing problem with the spread of the virus. However, this should not stop us from being optimistic about the future in the expectation that an effective vaccine will be available soon. So our present problems should not dissuade us as a church from thinking, praying and planning for our future involvement with the various ideas that have been put forward.

The experts suggest that there are a number of problems to be addressed. We might perhaps choose to look at the environment. As far as this is concerned we have had many stark warnings about the consequences of our misuse of the world’s resources. This was brought home very forcibly by David Attenborough’s recent programme on television ’Extinction: the facts’. James Dyke, a senior lecturer in global systems at Exeter University, put it this way:- “The programme is both beautiful and ugly. Uplifting and crushing. Wonderous animals are shown and in the next scene scientists explain how they will soon vanish forever.”

All this, the programme went on to explain, was due to a number of factors. It noted, for example the destruction of habitats such as the Amazon Rain Forests, the mass killing of wild animals both for pleasure and for greed and the ravages of various environments by global warming. There is also evidence of such destruction seen on other programmes which for example have shown the shrinking of glaciers in the Antarctic. We have seen film of the huge cliffs of ice crashing into the sea and have been told that this will eventually accelerate rising sea levels. These will in turn threaten the lives of people who live in the low lying ateas around the world. There is evidence October 2020 Page 4 too of the melting permafrost in Siberia. This will consequently release huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so hastening global warming. There is also evidence of the increasing frequency of drought, storms and flooding with their adverse effects on agricultural production.

Our understandable reaction to this is that problems are so vast that there is absolutely nothing we can do as individuals. However, many experts such as David Attenborough and the young Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg say that it is only by the combined action of millions of individuals that the world can be changed. We as a church can contribute to this locally in Maldon.

I am sure that if we tried we could formulate a really effective programme to educate ourselves and others in local and environmental matters. Here are some ideas:

1. In Church; Prayer vigil, Annual service with environmental theme References in the magazine and link

2 Arrange public meeting through the church with; Local environmental groups such as RSPB and Essex Wildlife Trust With Political Parties With MDC Councillors and Officers

3 Set up groups to; Raise money for environmental charities Organise correspondence to politicians and newspapers Review planning

4 Horticultural Dimension Support thr Friary Garden Influence the annual allotment and gardening competition Exchange ideas about our own gardening.

Change will come and we will have to work out if All Saints’ is going to have any part of it.




















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