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TRADECRAFT        fighting poverty through trade

The All Saints’ Traidcraft Stall is a local boutique offering of the national ethical trader Traidcraft, which was founded in 1979 to provide uplift to poor communities in Africa and Asia by helping them to trade out of poverty.

After the 10am service on a Sunday morning the stall is open


you will find staple foods and beverages always available as well as selected chocolate treats – all produced using certified Fairtrade ingredients that you know provide a Fairtrade premium to the producers at origin.

So you can make a small but important change each week by deciding to buy your tea or coffee or honey or rice or pasta from Traidcraft, and maybe even your breakfast cereal.

We can only stock the products customers will buy regularly (otherwise we have to buy all the stock ourselves!), but in addition to our food selection parishioners can browse the highly original range of Fairtrade craft products and clothing in the catalogues we have on the stall for people to take home.

Alternatively they can look online and tell us what they’d like to order from  www.traidcraftshop.co.uk 

Tell us what you want and we will order it for you and you won’t have to pay any shipping charges (and you only pay when you receive your goods). You won’t find these unique non-food gifts and creations in the shops.

Take a look and come and say hello on a Sunday mFood lifestyle shot homepageorning.

Our church uses many Traidcraft products 

the tea, coffee and sugar for refreshments after church or at our monthly coffee mornings.  

We even have Traidcraft toilet paper!

only 10% of tea sold in the UK is Fairtrade

Please swap your tea and make the difference.


Enjoy a wide range of fair trade discounts

Traidcraft logo
Fairtrade Fortnight




Fairtrade, organic, free from emulsifiers, artificial colours and preservatives and suitable for vegetarians, Traidcraft chocolate really is delicious. The organic cocoa has been harvested by skilled local farmers from fair trade co-operatives in Peru, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic, and the income they earn supports their families and local communities.

                                      Dark chocolate with Mint Cream                                          Organic milk chocolate

                                      Dark Chocolate                  Milk Chocolate                    70% Dark Chocolate           Milk Chocolate

                                       Mint Cream                        with Praline



Zaytoun Za'atar


 Traditional Za'atar is a wild herb mix, handmade from a variety of aromatic thyme, toasted sesame, sea salt, and sumac. Blend this Fairtrade herb mix with olive oil and use as a dip with freshly baked bread, or as seasoning for meat, fish, or vegetables before roasting. This Za'atar from Zaytoun has been wild-harvested by women in Jenin, Palestine.

Zaytoun Almonds


Imagine the sweetest nutty almonds, coated with dreamy caramel. These large coated almonds are utterly fair trade, and have travelled all the way from Palestine to delight foodies here in the UK.


Essentials for the perfect fair trade quiet moment

Chocolate CookiesCoffee

SHOP COOKIES               SHOP COFFEE               SHOP SUGAR          


Since 1979, we’ve been pioneering the first fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, wine, rubber, and even the first fair trade palm oil!


Watch our fair trade journey unfold…

From Firsts to the Future Video



The best journeys are the ones we take together, so come with us on an adventure to discover your own next fair trade first. Whether you’re already a regular shopper of fair trade or you’re a true fair trade novice – there’s always something new to try. 


This Fairtrade Fortnight, what will you do differently?

Sweet Valentine

 Explore our new Spring collection to take home a handcrafted piece of fair trade history for your home or garden.


Speckled bowl
Citrine Pompom cushion cover
Home & Garden


Get ready for summer with hand-printed picnic blankets, recycled tyre plant pots, and handmade crockery from around the world.




Gift someone their own fair trade first, with our range of handmade trinkets, treasures, and curiosities.

Fashion & Jewellery



From fair trade cotton raincoats to jewellery crafted from semi-precious gems, fair trade firsts can last a lifetime.




Explore a world of fair trade food, drinks, and nibbles, all of them ready to take your taste buds on a journey around the globe.

Traidcraft, Kingsway, Gateshead, NE11 0NE  | hello@traidcraft.co.uk  |  0191 491 0855

Thank you for signing up to our newsletters and joining us on our travels around the world. 

We're so happy to have you with us.



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