Children's Section

What is Epiphany?

Advent 4
Jesus is born

Advent 3

What does Advent mean?

Remembrance Day
November 11th - Remembrance Day

What does peace mean to you?

Christian Values
Jesus taught that we should love one another

Hello again - Fr Mole
Hello again at the start of a new term

Hi lights of the last weeks
Hi-lights of the last weeks

Our theme for this week is ‘Thankfulness’, a very important Christian Value

Passion and St Thomas
Try the quiz - read about passion and St Thomas

St Barnabus
What is St Barnabus Day all about?

The Trinity
The Trinity - Father - Son - Holy Spirit.

What is Pentecost ?

Ascention Day

Rogation Sunday
What is Rogation Sunday?

Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd and Bishop Stephen

St James and St Philip
Two Saints who are remembered on May 1st

Canon Mole and St George
Canon Mole and St George the story

Meeting On The Emaus Road
Jesus meets up with disciples on the way to Emaus

What happens at a Baptism service?

The Bible
some information about the Christian Holy Book, The Bible

some ideas to help you pray with your family

Mothering Sunday
Mothering Sunday

All Saint's school Choir, sing at Royal Albert Hall
Barnardo's Young Supporters Concert 4.11.19

Opening our church for children to learn about special places:
Supporting Key Stage 1 RE Visiting Places of Worship