All Saints Day ,celebrated at All Saints School 10 am Sunday 3.11.19



Here a few Saints to think about? what do you know about them? 


Some Saints bravely stood up for what is right, some have spent their lives looking after the very poor, or those with dangerous illness. Some saints have helped lots of people to know and love God better. 


One very famous new saint, Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor. Considered one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century, was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016. You may have seen this on the news. So saints weren’t just people who lived a very long time ago, she only died in 1997.



St Valentine

St. Valentine was a Roman physician who was also a Christian priest during the days of the early church.

There are different versions of the Valentine’s Day story. One version is that Valentine was loved so much by the children of the town where he lived, that they wrote him notes telling him how much they liked him and this is why people exchange Valentines cards today.

In another version of the story, Valentine was trying to heal a blind boy when he was arrested by Roman soldiers for his work as a priest, as Christians were not allowed to teach about God during these days.

Valentine was sentenced to die. Before he was taken to be executed, he wrote to the little blind boy explaining to him that Jesus loved him and adding a small treat. According to the story, when the boy ate the treat he could miraculously see again and was able to read Valentine's note.



St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was a Christian saint and the bishop of a city named Myra in Turkey. He lived a long time ago during the fourth century.

The well known story of St. Nicholas is about three young girls who were sisters and very poor. At this time young girls needed money to pay for their wedding and to set up house for themselves but the girls’ parents were so poor that they could not afford for the daughters to get married. Nicholas heard about this family and decided to help them but he did not want anyone to know it was him.


Saint Nicholas climbed up on their roof and dropped gold coins down their chimney, they landed below in the girls' stockings, which were hung by the fire to dry. He did this for three nights in a row. The girls found the money and two of them could now afford to marry. Their father wanted to know who was leaving the money, so the next night he hid behind the chimney. He saw Nicholas!

Remember, Nicholas did not want anyone to know it was him. However, the father wanted everyone to know what a kind and generous man he was.

It is from this story that the tradition of having a stocking full of gifts comes from today.



St. John the Baptist


Some people think of Saint John as one of the greatest saints. He baptised people, including Jesus, this is why he was given the name John the Baptist.

In Puerto Rico (to remember him baptising people in water), between midnight and dawn on June 23rd, people swim in the sea.


So we have heard about a few saints, from the past but we may have lots of Saints now, because we are all called to be God’s Holy People.

How can you spot a holy person when you meet them? They don’t usually go round with a sign on their heads saying I am a Holy Person! BUT the way they talk and think and behave makes you realise that they are full of God’s loving spirit. They aren’t born a Saint, and you don’t suddenly wake up one morning to find yourself, it happens naturally, as you open yourself up to God’s love.


We can be Saints too! Always try to do your best and love God. 

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