All Saints Day Celebration at All Saints School


All Saints Day, celebrated at All Saints school, with families and friends from church and the School. the Foundation Governors led the service, where we found out that we can all be saints!


How can you spot a holy person when you meet them? They don’t usually go round with a sign on their heads saying I am a Holy Person! BUT the way they talk and think and behave makes you realise that they are full of God’s loving spirit. They aren’t born a Saint, and you don’t suddenly wake up one morning to find yourself, it happens naturally, as you open yourself up to God’s love.



A balloon is designed to be full of air, so at the moment without air in it, it isn’t really able to be properly itself.

If you breathe into the balloon to inflate it. - you can see that the air that has been breathed into the balloon? No… Can we see the difference it makes? Yes it has turned this balloon into what it was designed to do, so it is now really itself, and also very useful.

We can’t see the loving spirit of God either. But whenever people are filled with it, they are able to be more fully themselves, and it shows in their love for God and for others. With us there has to be a deliberate decision to open up God’s inbreathing of his spirit. What the Saints have done and are doing is keeping that valve open, so that it can be filled with the Spirit, and topped up whenever they get a bit deflated.

Some saints have bravely spent their lives looking after the very poor, or those with dangerous illnesses. Some saints have helped lots of people know and love God. Today is like a party to celebrate those saints and thank God for what he can do in our lives, so let us pray and say sorry to God, and ask God to help us as we look to the future.








The choir sang the Banardo's song 




The children led the prayers

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