Parish Office


Requests for Baptisms and Marriages should be made at the Parish Office situated in the Church ("The D'Arcy Chapel")  - entrance via the main entrance door from the High Street - on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month between 7:00 and 8:00 pm






Now the work on the parish office is completed, I have asked the PCC to consider restoring the historic name of St Katherine, which links this part of the church to its ancient past. What is now the "meeting room" and the new parish office, was originally the St Katherine Guild Chapel. Whilst we have retained the name of the D'Arcy Chapel (originally a chantry for the D'Arcy family); we have lost the identity of the St Katherine chapel which was an important part of the church before the Reformation. It would be sad if this part of our history was forgotten. In fact, when you enter by the priest's door, you will still find a piscina, which is a medieval bowl for washing the sacred vessels, indicating the presence of the St Katherine altar. I have asked the PCC to rename the "Meeting Room" with the more interesting title "The St Katherine Room"

Stephen C.



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